Tuesday, March 26, 2013


This foot has a fat roll on top.
That is awesome.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Luck o' the Irish!!

We try to have people over for dinner often. It's just usually not this cute.
Corned beef takes waaay longer to cook than I thought.
Pandora has an amazing assortment of Irish folk music. It made me want to dance a jig whilst washing dishes & cutting potatoes. (You also better believe I did!)
I took ZERO pictures of the food, friends or babies bc we were so busy enjoying their company in our home.
Throw away dishes make clean up in a tiny apartment kitchen AWESOME.
Grateful for an Irish Great-grandfather who wooed & baptized a British great-grandmother & took her to the States for religious freedom. Heritage is bomb.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!! 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 5

Today is day 5 on sensitive formula. 
Today is also day 5 of increased sanity. 
Today he only cried for an hour.   
Today he was happy & smiling. 
Today he also slept better. 
Today he went on his first happy trip to Disneyland. 
Today is day 5 of feeling empowered as a mother instead of helpless. 

It is a lot easier to love a sweet snuggly baby who does not constantly, and without ceasing, scream in your face. I decided I am now going to refer to recent time periods as "Boob Jimmy" and "Bottle Jimmy." haha

I love Bottle Jimmy. If the last 5 days are any indication of the future, we may survive & even enjoy this whole baby thing! I am grateful for modern science that has produced healthy, safe & helpful alternatives to Mother Nature. Mother Nature sometimes loses her touch & needs some help & that's ok. I am grateful to feel little to no guilt about it. I feel relieved- like a huge burden has been taken off my shoulders. The first 6 weeks of Jimmy's life nearly killed me (as I'm sure you've all figured out by my sad blogging) and I am happy to feel some HOPE.

Is this REALLY MY BABY?? A week ago I would have said "You cray-cray, yo. My baby isn't happy, so that can't be my baby." BUT IT IS!!! HOORAY!!

The Happiest Place on Earth

We are super spoiled living in HB, CA.
We can walk on the beach anytime we want. 
We have amazing weather.
We have lovely neighbors.
We have Disneyland season passes.

I love the Happiest Place on Earth. I will be many of the people waiting in line to hug Walt Disney when I die. I fell in love with Brad going on a weekly date to Dland, and have spent many MANY happy days with friends & family pounding the pavement of Main Street. 

Last week on Faye's birthday we took her & took Jimmy for his first time! Jimmy wasn't very happy the whole time (bummer) but Faye LOVED the parade & rides (as usual.) 

Today I braved it again. I gave myself no expectations except to get some sunshine & get out of the house. It was even better than I could have imagined!!! Baby was an ANGEL in the carrier, Faye was happy & it was even more sunny & warm than expected. Hooray!! I went with one friend & her one baby & it was a strictly "no pressure" gig. Fantastic. 
I am so grateful today that we get to enjoy such wonderful surroundings. I absolutely love our home in the OC! :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

People are nice & supportive

Dear General populous,

Most of you are very nice & understanding & I appreciate it.

People with (and without) hard babies have come out of the wood work to hug me& tell me it's ok. Almost everyone I've told about the switch to formula has been a cheerleader& super supportive.
So, thanks! I need it. More of it. As much as you can give me & I promise someday I will pay it forward as best I can.

P.s. Shauna K, I love love love your blog comments-keep'em coming! If you can have 7 kids I surely can survive 2!

Keep in mind I got 3 hours of sleep last night

Sometimes I wish Faye had a little girl friend just her age who she could have as a little companion. All her friends her age are boys so they are starting to be interested in different things, and any girl friends who play dress up& dance are older& she is kinda the caboose. She is always the third wheel. I know she doesn't mind, bc she mostly plays by herself anyway, but it makes me sad. Just one friend in the same demographic would be nice.
It's a big worry for me that she will have the same debilitating insecurities that her mom has about friends.  (Course, I'm pretty sure she will not be torn from all her friends& everything she knows& loves at 15, be bullied at her new school by the Mormon girls & have issues with making new friends forever, but I digress.)
It won't matter til she is much older, but as a mom I still worry.
Anyway,I love her. Maybe bc she is my little companion& friend!

Oh baby Jimmy...

Dear Jimmy,

You are so hard. You cry pretty much anytime you are not sleeping. You have lots of pains in the digestion process. I feel so bad, bc you are a strong eater, but nothing seems to make your belly NOT hurt. Sometimes, right after fighting& screaming yourself to sleep, you wake up ten minutes later crying & writhing in pain. It makes Mommy & Daddy very sad. It's hard to know what to do.
We decided to give you ultra sensitive formula& you seem to do much better. I think we all feel a lot less frustration when you are feeling happy.

You are sure a smiley talkative baby, tho, when we have a good minute! You are easy to love & talk & coo at anyone who looks at you. Big smiles. Although big sister smiled a lot less at 6 weeks, you look so much like her when you smile!
I hope in the next weeks we can figure out how to help you feel better& sleep better. I think the bottles& formula are going to help your little system work a bit better.
Since we didn't sleep last night, let's take a good nap today so I can sleep, maybe?
Love you very much, my tiny man,