Thursday, January 26, 2012

My new babysitters

Is it more sad our awesome that she will stand here for like an hour watching the kids play outside?! I wish she was a bit bigger...or that they were little girls, like our old neighbors, so she could play with them!
A it is, i'm happy that she is happy. She talks to them through the screen and in general is content just watching them run around!
(also how come the picture turned?? Mobile blogger help?)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

here is a happy thought :)

today i woke up earlier than usual. showered. got dressed. CURLED MY HAIR (gasp!) made breakfast for me and pookie and got out the door early, with everyone happy, fed and clothed for a sunday.

also, it seems like every single person i know today is having a terrible day, what's up with that?? i'm sorry, everyone.

go watch the first episode of the biggest loser and think about how you are NOT 150 pounds overweight and don't have terrible health. (i have a crush on dolvett's smile.. daaaang!) then, go out and stand in the sunshine for a few minutes (even if where you live it is cold) bc the vitamin D on your cheeks will feel sooo good. also, try turning off the tv and read a book or magazine instead.

tomorrow will be better. have a great day! <3