Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i'm having a hard week.

i just feel tired. i'll come up with something happy to blog about tomorrow.
the end.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

mrs & mrs christensen

i was in vegas for less than 24 hours on friday/saturday to go to rich & erika's reception. i'm dumb bc i forgot to take a picture of them.. boo on my bad blogging skills!!
BUT i did take a picture with this kindred lady who i just love to pieces. danischmell.and of course i drove there with tyler, so it was a blast and a half!!i miss vegas sometimes. really i do. being closer to other friends in vegas and to people i love in UT is definitely harder in cali...
oh well.
the name of this boat we passed by helped :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

la familia noorda

my lovely friend brighton's family was in newport beach last week and bc i'm so awesome (meaning free and available and brighton's bff who happens to live in HB) they asked me to take some family shots. i love them. they were hilarious to hang out with, and anyone that treats me and b to smokin' mo's gets on the good list :)

here are some of my favorite shots:
la familia noorda :)mr & mrs darcy & devinmr & mrs lorin & jackiemr & mrs juston & brightonhilarious. love them. *if you know what i mean*

Friday, June 19, 2009

award for best attitude goes to...

bradley j barttels.(he loves these pictures of himself by dre)

i hestitate to blog about him, but seriously i've never seen him have a bad attitude about anything. ever. and since i'm not always the merriest of sunshines and he always seems to have a knack of spreading his sunshine around, his company is rather delightful.

note to self: surround yourself by more people like this.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

griffith obervatory

saturday night: bradley, me, nickhaycocknickhaycocknickhaycock and reily roo went to the griffith observatory. it was GORGEOUS at sunset, a nice museum, and for a mere $7 you can watch a pretty shnazzy show about the universe and the people who discovered how it all works. amazing that we REALLY ARE an infintisimal SPECK in the broad spectrum of things. it was fun. awesome. i'd go again.
awkward kiss photo. baha. oh yeah. and i got a TAT at venice beach. i'm so cool.

reily reily reily rooooooooo

this lady came to visit me, disneyland, and the beach this weekend. not only is she a fabulous dancer, scholar, photogenic, and an RM, she also put up with my crap and shared a room with yours truly for 2 years of college. and o what fun we did have!!!!! :)
i'd never been on it's a small world. i'm NEVER going again. it broke. while we were in it. 25 minutes later.... we got out.after the it's a small world fiasco, we needed another churro.have you BEEN on the canoe ride?????? it's the best ride at disney hands down. my favorite.

in the tiki tiki tiki tiki room...nothing like a bike ride in hb to cure the utah spring/winter blues...
mmmm white chocolate raspberry shake for breakfast? yes, please!
thanks ry for coming to visit, i really really missed seeing your face!! love you.


i have a LOT to blog. it's coming. lots of pictures. i've been busy, okay? :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"i'm a major weeper!"

like jude law on The Holiday.

so i don't know if you know this. but your lil friend lindsey is pretty sensitive. not that she likes to admit it. (as i admit it on my public blog...) but in fact, most of the time i'm the first person to cry at babies and movies and talks and songs on the radio and church and friends and spirit. i can't watch any kind of violent or scary or intense movie bc i cry and get scared and have nightmares. it's quite ridiculous, actually. and part of me is SO GLAD that i'm not hardened and insensitive, and part of me gets bugged that i'm such a baby.

i just wanted to throw out there, that it's okay to be sensitive. i'm okay with it. it's genetic. for me, leaking is both an indicator of happiness and sadness, both lack of spirit and the abundance thereof. life is just so amazing!! and hard, too. and not that MY life is particularly hard at the moment, bc it's not. it kinda rocks ;) but i just get so sensitive to other people's lives & their struggles. like one of my coworkers is going through something tough and it just breaks my heart! why does the world and life have to be so difficult? and the more i get to know and love people, the more i become a faucet. even over happy things! endlessly i rejoice and laugh and cry at missionary letters from jamie, and pregnancies of my family and movies like Up. :)

i guess i'm just grateful to feel so blessed and so happy and to have the tools to get through this life with my head on straight. not that i won't cry probably the whole way through it, but i KNOW i can get through anything bc of what i know and believe. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

do you see what i see?

this ad ACTUALLY really came to our office today.
(i cropped the company name off)
"i mean, like, we totally need harassment prevention in this office. johnny is always flirting with me when i'm sitting on the filing cabinet in my fav pencil skirt. *giggle*"

thank you, father keith

i am a walking, talking, human global positioning system.
(GPS people, keep up).
no, i'm NOT kidding.
i can see a map once and memorize it in my head and then drive there.
i remember addresses and numbers and weird landmarks:
"that house had daffodils" (it had like two)
"oh! i remember that stop sign had a scratch" (it was a large scratch!)

ask Emily or Lance- was I ever lost or turned around in London? nope! Paris? maybe once?
i know parts of southern california better than people who have lived here for years. everytime brad tells me where he's driving that day i almost know all the cities and their location.
i remember things that are of NO importance or consequence years later:
i once drove to a party at some kid's house(at night) in vegas when i was 17, and last year i drove back there without directions or map. and i didn't miss a turn. 6 years later.

seriously people. it's scary.

it also follows that when i'm lost (ew! if i get lost i get so bugged at myself so fast), or with someone driving who gets us lost, or doesn't listen to me when i say "no, really, i think we're driving south" i get MUCHO upset. so be warned. being lost is my pet peeve. BUT i am working very hard on my backseat driver skills (aka keeping my trap shut instead of beackseat driving).

with all this in mind...

today i got a fax from a life insurance company.
i read the address and immediately said, that's near the airport in lansing, michigan.


google mapped it. yep. it is. like the road the airport is on.
how many times have i driven to the lansing, michigan airport? 3 times maybe total? when i lived there in 2005???

why my brain chooses to keep this information, but i can't remember where i last put my phone or keys down, i'll never know. but i do know, that the GPS skillz come from papa anderson. thank you genetics. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009

the manor and my own bed!

welcome to the manor, julie.
and welcome back merzy.
our apt = a fabulous party waiting to happen. :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

close eyes. listen. don't watch.

1.08 and worth every cent today

shauna blogged about this already.
i would like to throw my pennies in the same opinion bucket (i don't even know what that means i just made it up).the only thing i can remember purchasing from a mcdonalds in the past 5 years is a vanilla cone. the only way it could be better & more satisfying would be if it was still 2 for 99 cents.
i've had 2 this week. what i really wanted was 2 today ;) lol

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Bananas are likely to have been first domesticated in Papua New Guinea."

i have been in 3 grocery stores in the past 24 hours and there was not ONE yellow ripe banana.
1. albertson's in HB they were all the color of avacado
2. fresh market in Irvine, the color of limes, and
3. the albertson's in irvine (i was determined) they were HALF green.

what?? like they weren't on a boat from Mexico, Costa Rica or the Philippines for long enough to turn edible?

i like my bananas the color of the cardigan i'm wearing (light yellow aka "lellow"). i was CRAVING. so i gave in and purchased the halvsies.
hilarious to note that when i punched in the little code "4011" it came up as "Green Bananas."
p.s. hold off on the cravings. it left like that weird unripe banana texture on my pearly whites. ICK.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

5 things:

1.i think i'm going to be able to salvage my old lovely friend, Blog, at least as a private reference for me to look at and keep as my journal & time line. This makes me happy that everything i wrote for 2 years won't be lost! it's also rather exciting to have this clean slate to fill up! .
2. my bro & SIL are wicked awesome roommates, and i'm glad i get to chill with them for a few days before i move into my new abode!
3. my new apt (as of saturday!) has pretty new clean light colored carpet! and i'm excited to move into a place COMPLETELY new(to me) and fresh and clean. No one's baking supplies from 2 years ago will still be there
4. brad had never been to a laundromat before, so he didn't know how to use any of the machines and ALL the very colorful people that hang out there came out in FULL FORCE like they KNEW he'd be there last night. it was hilarious to see him be awkward. it rarely happens. :).
5. AND last but not least! ryan seacrest was on the radio this morning whining that joel mchale was making fun of him.
it made it EVEN MORE hilarious bc joel is HILARIOUS and ryan is whiney like joel makes fun of him for. BAHA. i was dying in the car hearing it. did anyone hear the interview later today when joel was supposed to the on the show to talk to ryan??

ummm... lets try this again.

i had to delete my other blog bc i'm a moron.
it's okay.
i won't be able to save everything, and it's really sad. but oh well.
here's the NEW BLOG, so i can keep posting weird pictures, rants about nordstrom pants, beach lovin' and the like.

second time's a charm.