Monday, August 30, 2010

Mrs. Reily "Roo" Moss

In Logan at USU, I shared a bunkbed and room with this BEAUTIFUL BRIDE for 2 years. I LOVE HER. In fact, she came to visit me last year after returning from her mission, remember?
Isn't she gorgeous!? I wish I had better pictures...

I was at Girls' Camp for her actual wedding day.. (I was so incredibly sad about it, but no worked out great!) so we went to her second reception in Heber City, UT. I may have cried a little when she ran across the room to hug me as we walked in. It made all the hours of driving & no sleep TOTALLY WORTH IT. We got to see her all beautiful & blushing (as a 2 week newlywed) and got to meet her cute husband, Tyler. HOORAY Mr. & Mrs. Moss!!
It actually worked out AWSOME bc we went to dinner after the reception, just the 4 of us and we had a great visit laughing & talking. You don't get that kind of one-on-one time on the REAL wedding day, so it was PERFECT!

I am so grateful for such wonderful friends I have & I'm so glad we got to see her so happy & married! It was important to me to go & Brad was super supportive. Thanks to my lovely husband for driving 15 out of the 20 hours, he's such gem. :)

Also, on the way we got to go to lunch & see the new SLC pad of my bff Anne!! She is hilarious & I loved seeing her too! Thanks for letting us shower at your house & make fun of your 2pac poster. :) This picture cracks me up.
p.s. Thanks for letting us crash at your house, Tami & Brandon! Seeing your cute little girls was a huge treat! :) ADDED BONUS: we stopped at Kelli's house to visit & saw her cute kid sleeping.. visited Wendy for a some food & then stopped at Melissa's to eat & visit with all the crazies (aka cutest kids alive).

Lots of driving. Glad to be home. SO WORTH IT.

Girls' Camp

5 days of madness. hilarity. spirituality. fun. laughs. I LOVE THESE GIRLS.
my girlies with our bishop :) aren't they so great?whole stake acting like crazies! :)
getting our stake pres & bishops to dance like morons.. priceless.
moved her whole bed outside to the fire ring. FUNNIEST PRANK EVER.
Ahhhhh.. girls' camp skits.Here's to a great week! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

at this very moment

6 lively hilarious chicas are camped out in my living room giggling to their hearts content. we watched "gidget" as our sleepover movie. OH.MY.HILARIOUS. it was a great movie before- watching it with 12-14 year olds makes it SO MUCH BETTER. hahahah

i love them. so much.

we all go to girls' camp tomorrow. i'm super excited!!

i became the foursome heathnatlinzlaq at girls' camp- the greatest friendship i think i can remember. i love them (heathnatlaq) and thinking of going to girls camp makes me ache for them. to "be attached" to them. to be 14 and not yet have the cares of the world on our shoulders. to light leaves on fire. and hide under beds from "the gestpo". i miss them terribly somedays. our poor adolescence was robbed of so many crazy fun times... but all for the better in the end, i suppose.

i'm grateful to fall asleep (hopefully at some point tonight) to the voices of tween girls laughing & talking. they are funny, and smart, beautiful and i love working with them. i would give up all my tuesday nights for forever to keep this job.

i figured i better blog how much i love them BEFORE i spend 4 days straight trying to keep them from being overly sugared & insane. which they will be. and at the end i will be very tired & ready for a break. :) but i will love them none the less.

and that is really cool.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

consider me slapped.

if we all voted for a president, and then someone decided the other guy would do a better job and overturned a public vote- would you feel like your rights had been taken away? WHY DO WE HAVE A PUBLIC VOTING OPTION THEN???

"If Prop. 8 is ruled unconstitutional, that's a slap in the faces of nearly 7-million Californians who voted, in November, 2008, to limit marriage to a man & a woman, and to put that definition in the state constitution."

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