Monday, March 22, 2010

my orange tree has a blossom!!!

i love the little life growing on my little patio!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i know i'm not the only one who gets itchy.
not like flee/misquito bite itch.
not like winter dry skin itch.
not like coming down from illegal drugs itch.

THE itch.

the "i gotta get out of this place i've been living for 1.5 years" itch.
the "i need a new job/hobby/schedule" itch.
the "i can't put my finger on it but something's gotta give" itch.

THE itch. you know what i'm talking about.

i discovered that my discontent is almost always cause by boredom & repetition.

any suggestions on how to break the cycle before i go mad? some ideas i've researched are:
- take a class for rowing or swimming or something i don't know how or normally do at the community center.
- i already changed my worked schedule a couple months ago and that helped a little.
- running away to hawaii with my credit card brad can't access yet.

brilliant cyber friends? ayudame?

Monday, March 15, 2010

that episode where ___ happened

ever feel like you should be living an episode of friends? or the office?
i do.

this weekend could be a whole disk of episodes:
- the one about skipping work for disneyland & playing yahtzee
- the one about the migraine & the ring-around-the-rosey-trying-to-transport-large-paintings
- the one where i felt like pam and phyllis
- the one about accidentantally locking my husband out of the house when i was grumpy- HONESTLY it was an accident, but he was MAAAD. i thought it was ironically hilarious. :)
- the one about forgetting to change clocks & getting to church an hour late.
- the one when brad& lindsey both had a cold & headaches & sat on the couch/lovesac for like 6 hours bascially without moving.

wow. lots happened this weekend. no wonder i'm tired today (maybe it still has to do with the cold).

Thursday, March 11, 2010


we went and saw alice in wonderland last night. conclusion: <3
i'm a huge tim burton fan. i love his movies. i love the almost normal/not normal weirdness.
i liked the story. thought it was clever and really developed. thought the casting of the characters was well done- except am i the only one who really was distracted by Snape the Blue caterpillar? haha.
oh and ugh! i was sufficiently jealous of alice's hair by the end of the movie. i'm going to start saving my money for extensions. :) those wavy/curly locks have never been within my reach!! i just wanted to touch her hair the whole time. is that weird?

the only thing i didn't LOVE was 3D. infact, i hated 3D. i always hate 3D. it's $3.50 more to get a headache. i'm bitter that this movie didn't have a 2D option. *sigh*

but now i can't wait until it comes out on regular DVD and we can watch it in blue-ray...  hooray! :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

soap box warning:

i am grateful that my husband was always a faithful home teacher.
you know how i know?
bc he STILL talks about the men and women he home-taught over the years. he knows where, what, how, who. he still cares for them. he knows who they married, where they worked, what they struggled with and was always willing, worthy, and HAPPY to serve and give blessings, move furniture, and do whatever they needed.
he is a caring wonderful man. and i am so grateful.

he understood, even at 24, that he was the priesthood power in their homes. that he was the first resort, the one who should ALWAYS help, and volunteer to help, for that matter. he loves people and when he has been asked/called/required to help someone he ALWAYS DOES.

i see good, well-bodied men NOT helping and NOT caring for the people they are supposed to help, love, and care for. it makes me sad, mad, frustrated and disappointed.
you know what, crappy friends, unfaithful HTs and unhelpful men?? when our friends' HT's won't return their calls, or someone doesn't feel comfortable with who they are SUPPOSED to call- they call brad.

he is trustworthy, thrifty, friendly, brave, morally straight and mentally awake.... or something like that. :)
and for that, and many other reasons, i love him. :)