Thursday, February 23, 2012

i overbooked this quarter

I decided I wasn't doing enough last year. I was tired, depressed, stressed, poor and BORED.
So in 2012 I decided to do EVERYTHING.
I am training & running Ragnar in April. Thats a lot of time pounding pavement!
I am participating in the HB Stake Musical (this means ALL DAY Saturday, Thursday nights & practice on my own). In a couple weeks we have all our performances!!
I teach Primary every week with Brad. This requires some time/preparation.
I also taught at a huge Relief Society women's social thing last Tuesday night.
I make dinner 4 days a week, at least. (This is by far the HUGEST FEAT of them all.)
I've made homemade baby shower gifts.
I clean my house more.
I am particiapting in a book club. And by "participating" I mean, I didn't read the first book, but went to the meeting anyway, but I am currently reading the second.
Oh yea, I also work and take care of a baby.

Even to me, this list does not sound that overwhelming. That's bc it ISN'T. It's been a year since I had a baby and I finally feel like I've gotten into the swing of things. 2011 really messed our family up, scheduling, babysitting, job changes, etc. 2012 is definitely the upswing!

i fit in all my pre-pregnancy pants

really the title (for all you moms out there) is all you need to read. admit it, your heart fluttered in happiness for a second!

yes, it's been a year. yes, that is entirely too long. but in reality, i lost ALL the weight after i stopped breastfeeding. it shed like a coat as soon as i stopped. now i know that my hormones keep it on there like glue. boo.
i also know now that i get so super ridiculously nauseous and sick during pregnancy that i feel like i have to eat ALL THE TIME to keep from blacking out (it didin't help tho- i blacked out at least once a day for 9 months- good times). next time around i will be better prepared and i will FORCE myself to get out and walk more.

either way, excuses or no excuses, i'm happy, and i feel skinny and so much BETTER.  woot woot!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It's here! My favorite Catholic tradition from my childhood! Everyone I grew up with always gave up something for Lent, so I always do too! Just a nice 40 day show of self-control.

This year it's chocolate.

I made this resolution knowing full well Faye's birthday cake is chocolate. See? I'm that dedicated. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Car Dancing

rocking out in the car requires a few key ingredients:

- wild flying arms and the ability to move your torso without dangerously pushing your legs and feet on the gas/brake
- absolutely no shame :)

from age 16-21 i was probably that girl at the stop light that you laughed at. you know the one- singing, wiggling, steering wheel banging, arms waving. i like my music pumped, loud and, as gloria estefan says, "the rhythm in going to get you!" some of my favorite memories are of ridiculous dancing. lots and lots of ridiculous dancing.

somewhere after college and into the real world my commute got longer and quieter, my music got less pumped and i basically all-over calmed the hell down. (my personality?? needed calming down?? ok, yes it did.)

then a baby came. all the sudden my music is faded FRONT and is at volume... 3? maybe on a good day? no more super loud dance parties- kids ruin everything. (jk i love my kid! but she really did ruin my car dancing...) we still dance almost daily in the car, but it's bc faye will dance to anything; the world of music is her oyster. its great for her, not so much for me- i just don't get kicks from dancing to slow country songs.

the other day i was out running errands and pooped! then florence & the machine came on. i pulled into my parking spot at home and instead of turning off the car and walking into my house to rescue faye from brad (or the reverse?) i TURNED UP THE VOLUME (to a level which i would NEVER allow should i have pookie in the car or brad for that matter- i probably blew a speaker) and literally rocked out; limbs flailing, shouting, head holding, the works.

it was amazing!! the awesomeness thereof only enjoyed by myself (and maybe a neighbor or two.) it made me feel young! i am cool! i am up on hip and popular music! i stil got it! it made my shoulders relax. it made me skip joyfully into my house pick up my baby and dance a little jig to a jingle on a commercial. it made me happy.

conclusion: dance like nobody's watching. (JK that is the most horrible cliche thing to say, it made me laugh just to type it! hahahahaha) how about: dance like a big fool in your car bc it will keep you young. oh and bc it's fun! :)

Monday, February 13, 2012


I know, I know, I am waaay behind in my cult-followings, but we just started watching episodes of Firefly tonight on Netflix.
The jury is still out, but I have a feeling since Joss Whedon is involved and also Alec Baldwin (who I love from Chuck-that cult-following i'm in on, don't worry. tho i am still unsure about the ending. amnesia.. really??) anyway, firefly: it's going to grow on me. The pilot was a bit iffy at first, but I was invested by the end. Here's to one season to getting all attached and then being super mad at Sci-Fi for canceling like everyone else!
p.s. i stand corrected- it was Fox! I'd be mad at Fox, but since they host SYTYCD they are in our good graces forever. :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I am never again making a list of all the things I need to do... it's just depressing!