Thursday, November 17, 2011

i think its time for a family pet

i might go buy a fish today...

Friday, November 11, 2011


we moved!! moving is a wonderful nightmare. you throw away and consolidate and clean and get to completely rearrange and start again... you also have to let go, clean, rearrange and start all over again. hmmmm.... let's find a way to make that easier? :)

we have all been sick for WEEKS. ugh. this cold season has really killed me this year. i had it for 2 weeks, then faye got it, and she so kindly gave it back to me! ah the family: virus paradise!

i have been forbidden from blogging about anything about brad's job situation, but COME ON. this guy gets like a million interviews in the last 6 months and no one has given him a chance, but at least we are happy! (we really are! promise!) we keep saying "we will NEVER be a family like this again. we get to spend a TON of time together, brad and faye are bffs all day while im gone and someday we will look back on this and be like 'wasn't that nice to be so close and together all the time???'" ahh the elusive someday. :)

currently i am enjoying making baby food again. for a few weeks faye was eating jars cause it was just easier.. but now that i know where my magic bullet is and i've actually gone grocery shopping, we are back in the saddle! it's easy and i like making combos of veggies faye will eat. i feel its the only super cool mom granola-hippie thing i do. :)

how are you lately?