Tuesday, November 20, 2012

i am not a crier

the older i get, the more my heart and tear ducts have turned to stone. not kidding. even if i START to get emotional, i SHUT IT DOWN. for some reason i have decided crying is a weakness and irritation and i can't be bothered. (i'm sure i have some deep seeded problem, but we're not going to address that today.)
that being said, very few things seem to touch me. lots of things touch me, i just don't go crying about it like everyone else. pregnancy makes me a bit more softy, but only on the rare occassion.
like for some reason, this video make me get choked up. (i did not cry, not even close, i just had to take a weird gulp of air, which is my heartless way of being emotional.) it's an old video, so many of you may have seen it, but i like it anyway.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


definition of pregnancy:

physical state where wife craves cookies, waits for someone to make her cookies. if no one does, she will break down and make her own, then being so tired, expects someone else to clean up. if someone else cleans up, she eats all the cookies. if no one else cleans up, she eats all the cookies.

poor brad.
(although this is not quite true, he got a couple.)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Who knew?

- over 4 years ago I moved into a room to be shared with a perfect stranger. Who knew that marriages and babies later I would still go to that same apartment to hang out, decompress, and eat lunch? We pull up to the complex and Faye starts to shout "COCO! BABIES!" She is a big fav around here. Love you, Coco.
- that 20 months would be the funnest yet? I did not particularly enjoy the infant stage, but the toddler stage is THE BEST. Everything Faye says is hilarious. All her mannerisms cute. All the things she is learning make me so proud!
- I could cook! I have REALLY improved in the last 20 months- thanks to some coaching from Rina, and necessity being the mother of invention. I rarely use a recipe. Actually, almost never. I brought dinner to someone last night & they even told me it was DELICIOUS. BOOYAH! Who needs recipes!?

conclusion: improvement and enjoyment are always possible with good friends, delicious food, a little bit of confidence and super cute babies.