Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kelli's Graduation

HOORAY!!! My best friend graduated college!!!
Back in May we took a weekend trip to Vegas to go to my bff Kelli's graduation. It was awesome- what an accomplishment.We got to sit and cheer her on getting that diploma- I was SO PROUD!
We love you Aunt Kelli!!
Kelli & her parents, Leesa & Dave, & her son, Dylan.
"What? I'm eating my hands."
DOUBLE FISTED. Hilarious. Sucking on one hand at a time is not enough apparently. She sat through the whole thing with out a peep. She loves to sit and watch all the action.

Friday, June 10, 2011

i'm in doctrinating her young

things my baby is learning very young:
1. how to eat gluten free brownies from the pan with a fork
2. how to watch old cheesy lovely G-rated English TV shows (as many episodes we can fit in until daddy comes home and makes us change it) like this:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

if you don't have something nice to say....

well i DO have something to say because it IS nice! :)
do you ever think "gosh i am due for a good day any day now??" like so many crappy days have come on top of each other and so much stress compounded in your left shoulder blade that SOMETHING has got to give??
well today it did.
i have felt overwhelmed and tired. stressed and alone. work, church, family all sometimes pile on top of each other and it's hard to climb out of the mess without something getting thrown to the ground ungraciously.
its a sure sign that i am stressed when i don't want to talk about it. or that i don't. or that i hide on my couch nursing a netflix addiction instead of going to mutual. i'm not even blogging cute pictures of my angel baby. WOWZA.
but my friends, i am happy to announce i am going to try harder now. lots of reasons for stress have been either resolved or begun the process of resolution.
this is good. i can do this.
i am grateful to my loving Father in Heaven for much needed help. and answers to prayers we started 2.5 years ago. and a sweet little baby who smiles HUGE when she wakes up from naps. and new cars that are very quiet on the freeway. it's really the little things that help. it's amazing how much pondering you can get done when you aren't distracted by the irritation of too much road noise!
i have wonderful friends. they may be few but they are true and beautiful and wonderful confidants and cheerleaders.
ra ra shish boom ba! goooooo lindsey!
i'm glad it's friday, and most of my favorite little people are coming to see me tomorrow. i miss their little faces and tiny food covered fingers. i wish i could hug them as tight as i love them, but i also don't want to hurt them, so in true female fashion we usually raise our voices to a very high & loud pitch.
in short, i was due for a good day and today I GOT IT.
everything went as it should. happiness is not overrated.
and sometimes being mostly bald with a crazy cowlick is exactly perfect.