Friday, December 30, 2011

do you listen to adele?

you should. i just love her.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

How much is that doggy in the window?

By happenstance I am home today, so we have our neighbor's doggy for a few hours. They are at work and he escaped.... Faye is thrilled! He is a good little thing to, besides the escaping, so he's even been allowed in the house since it is CRAZY windy outside and I feel bad for him!
I wish I knew his name, but I don't so I've just been calling him ''honey.''

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mobile blogger...

I now have in my hands a smart phone. Yay!!

How about a sidewise photo of my two loves bc I don't know how to turn it :-)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


i finally got a phone upgrade. after 3 years. ive been using an old broken phone of brad's for almost a year  it was time. this means my phone now sends (and RECEIVES!) texts, calls, i can retrieve my voicemail AND have the pleasure of email/apps/books/scriptures & the like.

so far in 4 days i've only used it to make 2 phone calls, send a few texts and to read pride&prejudice snuggled in bed with the light off(it came free on my book app-how did it know??). apparently i don't use my phone very much, which is why i probably never got an upgrade before now. BUT it's exciting! thank you samsung s 4g. i love you already.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


dear faye, thank you for taking a long long nap today. uninterrupted. you didn't even cry or fuss. you just went right to sleep. so instead of doing dishes i just snuggled up on a couch and watched a british murder mystery.
only after treating my brain to dessert i got up & did the dishes. and cooked dinner. and started a load of laundry. and cleaned up. and made a grocery list. and sang christmas songs via pandora the whole time.
i liked today. makes up for yesterday. :)

Monday, December 5, 2011

im bitter today.

maybe i'll make up for it tomorrow.
im sorry my parents didn't pay for my education, room&board, car, credit cards, bills, didn't buy me all my cell phones and let us live with them rent free and grocery bill free.
my parents have helped me a ton, but im glad to say did not give me everything. brad parents did not help him at all with anything. that is why we are debt free and know how to live within our means. this also means we live in a dumpy freezing apartment, have few friends bc i work still so i am not fun enough to be part of any moms club and we do not own a house.
today is one of the days i pray we move to costa rica. the end. 

Friday, December 2, 2011


well, i am happy to annouce i have both found my camera cord (as im sure you can tell from all the recent blogging) and brad found a job! he starts on monday. i have mixed feelings about this, which seem RIDICULOUS bc he's been out of work(or income anyway) for over 6 months.

reasons why it is great:
- brad is super happy to be working again. he is not really a lazy person. yes, he can spend a lot of time in front of the tv, but if there is work to be done, he will do that first. i know being busier will make him happier.
- he is a man & father, afterall, and wants to be the protector/provider/presider and this will give him back 3 out of 3.
- potential for having enough money for gas trips to south county or temecula or vegas again. hooray!
- faye will go back to our babysitter who basically loves her to pieces and she will have 2 or more friends to play with EVERYDAY. rina always has her 2 kids and usually a few more of other people's at her house at all times. she is an all-star. faye will be soooo happy!
- we will not spend almost every waking hour together and this will probably reduce contention.
- i can do errands much faster when i'm not with someone who insists on walking up and down every aisle and buying things not on the list.

reasons why it is not great:
- i have to go back to taking care of faye all day, well after work. let me explain: i love her, she is my baby, but when it comes to whom she choses to feed her, change her, play with her and snuggle with- it is ALWAYS daddy. i love this. i love they love each other. but now that she's had him all to herself for her whole remembrance, how am i gonna stack up?? i will not feed her cookies for breakfast, nor will i let her skip naps, nor give her my keys to play with. i am going to be a big meany for a while til she figures out the system has changed. this i am not looking forward to.
- who is going to change the gross poopie diapers?? (i am really fast at "not it!")
- salary + commission is the perfect option. money comes home at all times, but brad still has the motivation to make what he wants. this salary is like the lowest of any job ever so we will still be cutting major coupons and trimming all fat- BUT it is enough to make ends meet, so that's really all that matters.
- we will miss spending so much time together.

i know i must sound incredibly selfish, but it's just that change is hard. and this is a big change. i am a much more efficient mother when i have another pair of hands, and i know faye is going to need sometime to adjust to a new schedule. it was not easy when she was tiny & i was working and taking care of her. now that she is huge and mobile it just might be more interesting! i can't just strap her in the car seat anymore and let her sit there for 10 min while i get the rest of everything ready. :)

i am incredibly greatful that brad found some work. we don't think this is his next career, but it is something new to learn & be excited about. prayers do get answered, not always how you expect it, but answered nonetheless!!

new page. new adventure. wish us luck!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

oh ya im 26

my birthday happened in the middle of the month-of-sickness in our house as well as right before our move. i pretty much completely forgot that it was happening, but brad managed to wow me with gifts i didn't know i wanted, as well as a slice of key lime pie. delish! happy birthday to me!

is 26 old? i felt like 25 was a milestone to "real"adulthood, and 26 feels just the same as 25. having faye made me old. like i am officially a mom and a wife and birthdays are just another boring nonimportant things that happen each year, like going to the dentist... sigh. maybe if i fit into my pre-preg pants i'd feel better or happier about the whole thing! :)

Young Women

for 2 years I had the privilege of being a leader to a group of 12-18 year old young women at church. when we moved, we went to a new ward (congregation) so i had to leave them. sad sad day. i watched them for 2 years grow up into beautiful strong & delightful women! miss them. they were funny, clever, happy, and great examples to me!! shout out to my ladies!