Thursday, September 29, 2011

thursday pep talk

yesterday i rocked at work. (yes, i am bragging.)
i got a ton finished. i did a good job. i was happy. i was productive. i was proactive.
so naturally today i feel like i deserve to eat cake & blog.

i resisted the cake.... and caved to a short blog.
and to get me back into the groove, let me just say:
i am good at what i do. clients like me. i help. i am happy. im glad i am trusted & valued. :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

dear blog,

im sorry for being mean about the lady with ugly hair. im sure someone looked at my hair in my two tiny ponytails (affectionately called my "nubbins") and thought that i had the ugliest most adolescent hair ever.

also, life has been CRANKY the last couple weeks. we've tried to stay super busy, but life is getting to be a little overwhleming. luckily its FALL. seriously. the change in season might just save our lives & attitudes. the other night our neighbors woke us up TWICE yelling at their kids/eachother/someone, faye woke up TWICE crying cause she's teething, AND there was an EARTHQUAKE. i mean- even planet EARTH didin't want us to sleep! sheesh.

anyway, blog, i just wanted to say im sorry for being so grouchy. remember when i used to post short funny anecdotes & memories? i should do that again. it made me remember how many funny/happy/cute things are happening in the world around me.


p.s. this morning i heard j-lo's "im real" on the radio and i knew ALL THE WORDS. i was actually impressed and surprised at myself. i didn't even know i knew any of that song. apparently that obsession with lyrics from high school made them permanent. :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


1. i thought about 9/11 a lot before and on 9/11. im glad im old enough to remember it, understand the consequences and realize how lucky i am to live where i live & enjoy the freedoms i do. God Bless America & my wonderful ancestors who got on disease-ridden boats and moved their homes, lives & hopes to this country!

2. i am SO HAPPY its getting to be fall for a TON of reasons- one being our Disneyland passes work again. we went yesterday- we sat on the curb at the parade & pluto came right up to faye & talked to her, as well as about 3 other dancers- i guess she is pretty cute! she was sooo happy watching everything. :)

3. also i saw the WORST utah hair in the world yesterday. everything about this woman screaaaamed utah style & i wanted to go up to her, touch her on the shoulder & say "excuse me, but your ridiculous outfit attempt to cover your garments & your HUGE TERRIBLE hair-school hair cut is ruining my disneyland experience- can you go back to utah now?" i didn't say it, bc that is a terrible thing to tell a person, but sadly, it was true.

4. we are counting down 2 years of marriage. we sat through a 90 min seminar on our honeymoon & are taking a free cruise to ensenada- woot! there is nothing to get you through a recession like a free vacation to look forward to!

5. faye has started to be clingy. and cry when we leave the room. or vacuum, or put her to bed. it's not fun sometimes, but secretly, i kinda love it. she has NEVER been snuggly- as soon as she got enough body control to push out of our arms- she did. now she cries & wants me to hold her. that's nice. she does love me!

6. week 8 of p90x. "i hate it, but i love it!" i feel great- not much skinnier, but stronger & all the endorphins, and having chick-time with my neighbor everyday help alot :)