Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hello, old friend.

i love orange gatorade. it's the best kind.
i also love that my husband went to von's at 11:30 at night to buy me and my stomach some.
i love even more that each 32 oz bottle was only 79 cents!! score!

course... now all i've done today is sit on the couch, watch episodes of House, Parks & Rec, 30Rock, and 10, yes i know, 10 episodes of Arrested Development, and drink orange gatorade.

i hate being sick. and now i'm kinda sick of orange gatorade, too. boo.

Monday, April 26, 2010

nice things about people

saturday night i was at target holding lots of things. (i have a rule that if i cant carry it i can't buy it. comes in handy in that little $1 section. and when cookies are on sale.) and a wonderful husband & wife let me go in front of them bc i "looked awkward". we got to talking. and laughing. they were lovely and nice. in fact, i wanted to be their friends after 3 minutes in line. i left target, went next door to the grocery store & saw them there too!

today i stood in line and the lady behind me let the guy behind her go in front because he only had one thing.

it made me smile. it was nice to notice that people are still nice to each other. :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

here sharky sharky!

amy and julie and i went to the free shark pools at the long beach aquarium on friday. i felt nervous at petting the sharks... even tho they are like bottom feeders and can't hurt anything.

look at the crazy saw-fish! it looked crazy in real life!

after getting used to the little guys, i wanted to pet the BIG sharks! :)

sometimes i just LOVE doing simple things like petting sharks. get up close & personal with nature & really appreciate how COOL it really is!

Monday, April 12, 2010

4 miles today.

yep. you heard me. and i feel pretty good. like i still have the energy for a dance party...

Friday, April 2, 2010

row, row, row your boat...

gently down to... nowhere.

i signed up for an indoor rowing class. one class down and 3 to go. I LOVE IT. the instructor won a gold medal in like 1992. and is swiss. and hilarious. here's his blog.

it's like spinning, but rowing. (not that that makes sense, but it does.) the machines have actual water in them &you can hear the SWOOSH sound- i just close my eyes and imagine i'm in boston in a 1950's movie, rowing down a river.
(this picture is like perfect, btw. HA imagine it's me.)
basically after 1 class i'm going to start a crew club and buy a rowing boat. wanna join?? :)