Friday, February 26, 2010

finally finally finally!!!

so ugly. and dirty. i hated them.

so i did this. i love them. love love love.   
well the seats. 
not the weird metal backed-chairs. we'll work on that another day.
 all by myself. with a drill. and a staple gun. no help. and it took about half an hour. AWESOME.
it makes such a HUGE DIFFERENCE. i can't wait to make my curtains!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

roller skating? hawt.

70's roller skating. 5 stakes. 16-18 year old girls & boys. awesome.
i decided lately i like being a YW leader. it's fun. BUT i'm also young looking, like a teenage chick and had 17 year old boys checking me out at first. sweet, dude. not.
i also happen to LOVE rollerskating/blading so i was out there dancing like a crazy & helping the girls get back up when they fell (which may have been frequent for some of the less atheltically inclined. ha) unfortunately i forgot my camera. so this is all i got: can't you tell we have the greatest laurel's ever? oh wait.. you can't even see them.
but really if you had us as YW leaders, wouldn't you think we were awesome? bc we are.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


no, not the past-tense of "lend." it's the day after Fat Tuesday. the beginning of the 40 days before Easter Sunday. that most blessed & holy Catholic holiday that i have been celebrating all my life, thanks to an east coast upbringing! i have given up something, chocolate or soda usually, each year for as long as i can remember. i love it.
this year i'm trying something different.
i'm giving up my TIME. that most precious, hoarded, selfish thing. i decided to give up my time each day to do things i don't necessarily WANT to do everyday.
i'm giving up the time i take to sit and mellow out, or the time i take reading blogs, or the time i take just sitting on the couch playing solitaire, relaxing from the day, the time i really am DOING NOTHING. yes, even the eposides back-to-back of jeopardy/wheel of fortune that brad watches. 
 i'm giving up that extra wasted time to go for a run/walk/jog/bikeride/yoga (yes, i do realize you can't "go for a yoga"). to sit down with books and study until i understand, not just til i'm bored. to read and study and prepare for church activities.
it's an experiment. we'll see how it goes.

oh, i'm also giving up the costco sized salty kettle chips brad's been buying. those things are killer. killer good.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


6 days in a row. showered. dressed. primped. lunch made. on time. HEELS. i'm so proud!
morning #7 (aka this morning) was a little more dificil, but i made it! :)
also, we are going to vegas this weekend. to see the new baby. my bro in law asked me why we'd volunteer to go babysit for our first valentine's day?? my reply- we don't have kids- every saturday is valentine's day!!
i just get so excited thinking about it! why wouldn't you want to go see these kinds of small funny people??

Monday, February 1, 2010

check, check.

yesterday my husband called me a quitter and i was a little mad. so what if i make wishy washy resolutions on purpose? or make goals specifically designed to allow loopholes? every good goal needs a way OUT, right? :)

but as much as i like to avoid goal making (bc i'm SO good at breaking them), i did decide a few days ago that being on time to work and actually getting dressed EVERY morning should become a priority. i've been a little lax in that dept. i assure you i shower, but when you pull your hair into a ponytail everyday it suggests a lack of concern for one's hygiene...

today i got up.
did my hair. (and makeup)
wore office-appropriate dress clothes.
coordinated jewelry.
wore HEELS. (i know!)
and caught all the signals so i was EARLY.

take THAT. on time? check. dressed to kill? check.
already ready to reduce my goal to three days a week? check.
ha. :)