Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i saw this picture and it reminded me of a home i had 10 years ago.

i am a jersey tomato.
and although i haven't stood on your shore, or crossed the ben franklin bridge in a while...
you'll always be my first home.
new jersey.
hopefully soon one day i'll bring brad to meet you.
and we shall eat fresh apple slush.
or white corn from a stand.
and marvel at the grass that just grows by itself.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

this morning

reason # 32 why i love brad:
my husband made me a sandwich for lunch this morning. he makes delicious sandwhiches. he knows the perfect ratio of ham:pickle::mustard:lettuce.
and i just opened it.
and this was tucked inside:
he's so cute that darling husband of mine.
i love these little stickies. my sisterface sent them to me. there's like 6 different ones and although i'm not usually into the japanese-type cartoons, i think they are hilarious and cute. our favorite one has a picture of a girl with a princess crown and it says "Disenchanted." ha

Monday, May 17, 2010

i heart my job

reasons i love my job:(yes, my boss is 6'9'' and yes, i am the only one under the age of 48...ha)
#1. i have one.
#2. i have wonderful co-workers.
#3. we do service. and we LIKE IT.
if you are in the market for service opportunities, i highly recommend trying out GLEANING. here. at this park.
we planted zucchini, picked broccoli and pulled weeds. for hours. i loved it. it felt so good to HELP PEOPLE. and be in the SUNSHINE.
it was lovely. seriously.

i love it when we're cruisin' together...

sunset boat cruise.. dana point harbor... saturday evening with friends... live reggae band... sounds like a dream, right!?
it was sunny and beautiful and clear UNTIL we reached dana point. oh well.
BUT 'twas a lovely evening. :)
(remember next time to take a picture with my husband.. not just my friends. oh, and please back my HUGE face away from the camera.)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

do you ever just have a good day?

yesterday was a good day. nay, a great day. it seems like wonderful things are happening all over to people i love. :)

i think also because i finished up all the gifts i need to send to people. i loved picking out each one and wrapping and writing the address on the box. thinking and hoping that each recipient would like it. and know how much i love them.

i also recently made a new friend. and she lives right down our street. so yesterday i walked to her house to bring her something & got to spend a little FHE time with her husband & son & watch a little Jaws 3. hilarious. i remembered some of what i watched, but as soon as the shark starting causing trouble i walked home! no need to hash up old childhood trauma. :)

i feel like i don't have a lot to say, and there is no news or anything special to be excited about, but it's just a GOOD DAY. :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

cup runneth o'er...

they're having a baby.
and so are they!
and they are graduating college.
they are moving to the east coast.
they bought their first home.
and so did they!
they finished a hard semester.
they got a promotion.
they got a job!
they got a new car.
they are coming to visit.
and so are they!

i am so GRATEFUL that so many wonderful things are happening for people i love!!
my cup runneth o'er.. and so do my leaking eye lids. :)