Friday, May 13, 2011

some things you just shouldn't dispute..

like how sweet this little munchkin is!

sorry about the cell phone pictures... i just only seem to remember to document her little life when my camera isn't around!

she is getting so sweet nowadays. she smiles and TALKS and snuggles and loves to sit in her little bumbo chair. she is AWESOME.

i love how happy she can be. and predictable. bless the child that loves a schedule. she cries when she is hungry and starts to fuss when she is tired. she doesn't like it when her bows slide down her head and cover her eyes. she doesn't like the car seat when she is tired bc i think it's hard to fall asleep in bc she's uncomfy. we've had a few hard days here and there, but mostly things are GREAT in our little home! she's so funny and squeals when she smiles- who can resist that!?