Saturday, February 19, 2011

baby faye....

is NOT HERE YET. gotcha! ;)
so instead i've been doing a few things:

#1. major nesting going on around here.

there are to do lists everywhere. if brad looks, or thinks, or attempts to talk to his wife- its like the "we need to still dos..." come pouring out of my mouth without even trying.

if she doesn't come soon we are in a fair way to have a completely different house in a few days. i've already bought a new shower curtain, towels and decor for our bathroom. its very nice and much cuter... but necessary...? probably not. again, its like my car drives itself to tjmaxx home goods. i don't even have to think about it- its like a MAGNENT that store...

we bought new couches this morning. THIS MORNING. we've been talking about it for a LONG TIME and been saving our pennies and looking and looking and finally we took the plunge! they arrive tomorrow. I CAN'T WAIT!! I am sitting on our crappy cheap uncomfortable couch, for what may be the LAST TIME- halleluJAH!! i can't wait to snuggle my baby on a snuggly couch.

this couch situation is a testimony for craigslist. we found some couches we thought we'd want last night, came home and put our couch on craigslist. SERIOUSLY ten minutes later we'd had 2 calls and a text. an hour later some lady who lives down the street came & brought us money. she's picking it up in like half an hour. AMAZING!! now if we could convince someone they want this AWESOME Restoration Hardware Oversized chair (which saved me my whole pregnancy bc its so deliciously comfy) we'd be set!! (or else our living room will be VERY crowded)
want it??

#2. my 3rd nephew was born this week. Aksel Anderson. i am in love with him already. i love all my nieces and nephews. seriously i can't talk, brag, or hear enough about them. i think my family is, quite frankly, the best producer of funny cute children ever. their faces are plastered all over our fridge.
he is teeny tiny at 4 lbs 9 oz and came about 3 weeks early. this means he is a trooper AND he beat his cousin coming to earth. MAJOR BUMMER. well, not for him, but for me. i am now more impatient than EVER to hold my little person. course... when she gets here i'll have her forever, so i think i'll be able to handle a few more days. wish me luck!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

one of these things is not like the other....

bahahahahha. one fat foot. visibly. its awesome. :) one more week!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Things I will NOT miss about being Pregnant:

1. The whole hips aching/popping thing going on. I know they are loosening up and getting ready to have a baby and all.. but seriously- can you make it stop? I've lost my balance once or twice from sitting or laying down and getting up and trying to walk bc they are soooo wobbly and painful.

2. Heartburn. I had NO IDEA what heartburn was. Never had it. In fact, after describing how I felt, it was Brad who had to tell me what it was since I'd never felt that way EVER before. Now me n' heartburn are best frenemies.

3. Having my spleen, kidneys, stomach, intestines, cervix & whatever else is in there get kicked around. I love that she's active, but it does get a little tiring to feel like a punching bag!

4. Feeling like the size of a house. And most importantly not being able to do anything about it. I can't wait to wear my one favorite pair of jeans again. :) My favorite(or most torturous) pregnancy dreams have been the ones about running. I'm always wearing my fav pink sports bra, black tank & black & green nike shorts. Sometimes I'm outside and sometimes i'm at the gym. I'm always running good and feeling on top of the world... THEN I wake up and feel sad bc I miss running. Give me a few months!!

Things I will miss about being Pregnant:

1. Nice people: Once you cross the "Is she fat or pregnant?" threshold and the clearness of your pregnancy is 100%, people are SO NICE to you. They ask you how far along you are, what you're having, names, if it's your first, they tell you how exciting and how wonderful children are. I LOVE IT. I love having doors opened and nice people picking up things off the floor of the grocery store that I drop. It's like the whole world is on your bandwagon cheering you on to the bitter end! Someday when I am done being pregnant and am just FAT, it will be sad to go to the grocery store and get no sympathy from anyone.

2. Service: I do not get myself snacks, pillows, or drinks once Brad is home. He brings them all to me. He asks if I need anything. At 3 Am he refills glasses, adjusts pillows, and brings saltines. He finds my phone, which seems to be always lost. He's nice like that. One day I will not be fat and slow, and actually physically able to pop off the couch with ease, and it will be sad.. think of all the blessings Brad is getting from serving me so faithfully! ;)

3. Brad and Lindsey as a two person team: We are going to have to change the whole game plan. No more one-on-one: we will have to play Horse or Pig. Bocce ball is a lot harder with 3 people. Chess & checkers, too. LUCKILY tho our family house favorites are Uno and Yahtzee, both of which accomodate the masses and thereby secure future Family Home Evenings where everyone can participate. I am going to miss the times we end up at Costco or Disneyland or the beach and don't have to pack any diapers or worry about feedings and nap times. It's a lot easier to pack for 2 than 3, I can imagine...

4. Not being alone: I can be alone. I can even enjoy it... but NOT being alone is infinitely more enjoyable. I like that I have had a very small little buddy for the past 8+ months and she goes everywhere with me, and without complaint. She likes Target and the doctor's office and TJMaxx and the grocery store. She even likes sitting by the pool in the sunshine. I talk to her while I drive and sing to her- she likes musicals, Matt&Kim, and country music alot. Granted, I realize now I will NEVER be alone once she comes... but soon she will have an opinion on what we do & what we listen to. :)

5. Anticipation: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS COMING OR WHAT TO DO. WHAT WILL SHE LOOK AND BE LIKE??? This is the only time I will REALLY be looking into the face of the unknown. It's scary and grand and wonderful all at the same time!

6. Comraderie: I love that I have friends and family all prego with me at the same time. I love that we can commiserate. And share ideas of what to eat. I love that we all had baby showers and got to celebrate each other's wee ones. I love watching other people's bellies grow huge and the same rate mine is. :)