Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A friend in faith

So I had a long, tearful heart-to-heart with my dear friend and ex co-worker Bridget today. I sought her advice. She gave freely with love and a little admonishment. We do not share the same religion, but we share the same love of our Saviour, Jesus Christ and faith in Him. I love this woman. She has been dealt one hard hand after another, especially with the deaths of her two children this past year. She is amazing, faithful, strong and humble. I am ceaselessly amazed and grateful for her friendship and advice.
Today I shed a few tears (I shed very few a year, as you know) and was bouyed up by her advice and encouragement. And humbled by her frank reprimands of my lack of faith.
We need each other in this big wide world. Feeling grateful and humbled by her example. How lucky am I to have such a person in my life!??

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