Wednesday, November 13, 2013

So I quit my job the other day

Ok I didn't quit. I put in notice. Ok, I put in 7 weeks notice, that's, like, not even close to quitting. BUT when on Wednesday you decide that 5.5 years is plenty, and Friday you put in notice, it feels a lot like quitting. Like a rash decision, like you haven't really thought it out.

Worry not, friends, it was thought out!

I've been thinking about not working there for a year. We've had many many conversations about our family making some changes. We just didn't know really which changes would be first.

We got a car to fit more than 4 people=I need to keep working.
We want to save for a house=I need to keep working.
We want to have more steady income bc Brad is commission& the months are feast/famine=I need to keep working.
I make a RIDICULOUS amount of money for what I do = why would I quit???


This year has been rough. Rough mentally, physically, work has been crazy busy, stressful. I just feel done. Cooked, like a turkey. There is nothing more I can give. Which, when you have a family is not an option.

I finally just told Brad this job is drowning me. I can't give what I need to our home and family AND handle the stress and responsibilities of my job. I choose my family.

I feel AMAZING about it! The best part is how light I feel. I feel like I've been carrying a huge burden and all the sudden it's gone. I'm ready for a new challenge!

JMB has been my home for many years. It is the reason I up-and-moved to the beach& met my husband 3 weeks later. I am grateful for my time there. It has been a source of income, stability and pleasure. I've grown up. I've learned soooo much. I discovered talents I didn't know I had. I will always love it there.

This year everything was so off balance. I think the Fat Baby came to our family &all the sudden something indefinable changed. I think he came to test my limits and I've definitely reached them. Something needed to change& I'm finally READY to make it.

I'm excited. I'm ready. I'm happy. I'm relieved.

Oh and I'm working with my brother as his office manger, doing contract project work from home, tutoring math and nannying my brother's 2 kids 2 days a week, sooo... don't worry-i'll be keeping busy!



Shauna said...

There is nothing like the feeling that you are making decisions to better your family life. It's very admirable. I'm very happy for you. Good luck, and in the mean time I will be watching you through Instagram. :) Love,

Shauna xo

The Mid-Cart Parentals said...

Change can be good...I hope this is the change your heart & soul needs. Hang in there!